November Special 

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Buy 1 90 minute Massage session, get a 2nd 90 minute Massage session FREE! - $90

(reg. Value $180)


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As of November 16, 2017 God has blessed me with a BEAUTIFUL quiet new office located at 2602 Merchant Walk Murfreesboro Tn.


From Interstate 24 take the exit 81a exit towards Shelbyville.

Go to the 2nd light, Indian Park Dr, and turn right

The First Street is Merchant Walk 














Lots of viruses are going around and as a precaution there are possible side effects when getting a massage:

Infection - (example- sinus) - It IS possible for a massage to spread the infection to different parts of your body with the increased performance of your circulation.


Anti-biotics - If you are on anti-biotics a massage could make the drug go through your system faster making you more prone to side effects of the drug, it will also work the drug out of your system faster making it less likely to work.


Steroids (prednisone) - A massage could also increase the side effects of this drugs as well, moving it through your body faster.


Please make appointments AFTER you are done with these cycle of drugs to prevent complications.



                         Who Is Kimberly Collins-Davis?

I am a displaced New Yorker.  Born on Long Island NY, moved to Las Vegas in 1994, and moved to Murfreesboro in 2006.  I hold a Associates and Bachelors degree in Psychology as well as my license in Massage Therapy.  I have 3 children; Ronin, 11, Emma, 7, andLena, 5


Why Did I Become A Massage Therapist?

I became interested in massage therapy with the birth of my second child.  At 3 months old she had colic.  I bought every type of medicine, and nothing worked.  Tried a infant massage move recommended by a massage therapist, and she was comforted right away.  I thought "Wow.  Put the body a certain way and it heals itself!  Wonder what else the body can do!"  My daughter was born in July 2010.  I was in massage school by January 2011.  I attended Georgia Career Institute in Murfreesboro, Tn.  While in school I was relieved of sciatic pain, from my 1st pregnancy, and TMJ pain that I was enduring from the stress of school.




When Did I Become A Massage Therapist?

January 2012 I received my massage license and promised myself that I would make massage affordable.  There is no reason why people should be in any sort of pain.  Bad posture, usually a occupational hazard, causes pain and stress on the body.  Massage therapy helps to return the body to its rightful posture.  

Prevention is the KEY! Do not wait for the pain to be too much for you to bear.  It is recommended to receive a massage every 2 weeks to a month.

 Why do I offer discounts & trades?

I chose this profession to help people.  This is my #1 goal.  At the same time I do need to support my family, etc.  So I offer different ways clients can "pay" me.  Help keeping my business running means more people I can help.